We identify, support and invest in entrepreneurs driven by passion to build great companies. At Ideal Labs, we help entrepreneurs by removing the burdensome procedures of starting a business and provide access to business support, mentorship, funding, and the network to build and grow the next generation of successful businesses.

We provide support to early stage startups through our year-round programs. Starting with Startup 101 Sessions, where entrepreneurs with ideas learn to turn it into a viable business to the Ideator Hackathon where entrepreneurial-minded individuals come together to learn, build & create companies. Throughout the year we support & encourage networking with our Founders series of socials. We support early stage startups to the point where they have built something repeatable, scalable and impressive enough to raise money, then leading to the LaunchPad show where they are able to showcase their company and share their story.


The foundations of Ideal Labs were built on a simple belief that cultivating entrepreneurs will lead to sustainable cycles of wealth creation and capture the true essence of what it means to give back to the community. That is exactly why professional relationship development is an integral part of what we offer.


Networking is all about who you know and meeting the right people to continuously connect you in the right direction. A mutually beneficial alliance will help you both learn and grow your business goals. Our mentors will assist you in expanding your local and global network so that you build a portfolio of potential investors, partners and advisors for your current and/or future venture. After all, “your network is your net worth” (Porter Gale, 2013).


Our programs provide much more than mentorship. Not sure how to develop or market your business? Don’t worry — we’ve got you. From external and internal resources to office space and legal counsel, at Ideal Incubator we take entrepreneurs under our wing in order to provide expert consulting needed to start and grow a business.


Ideal Labs hosts several programs and workshops. These workshops run so that entrepreneurs can learn the necessary tools needed to launch and develop new companies including (but not limited to) the Lean Startup method, customer development and finding appropriate product market fit. These resources are offered regularly in order to keep up with the demands of a growing entrepreneurial market space.

Ideal Ventures

We invest in early stage technology companies founded by passionate entrepreneurs. We back determined founders as they develop their impressive ideas into prominent businesses. We admire those who embrace the risk and uncertainty and aren’t afraid to break the norm.

iLabs Program

Through our iLabs Program we help companies build and ship ideas more efficiently in exchange for equity. By providing business development, marketing, legal, accounting, product, mentorship, leadership courses we foster & build entrepreneurism and strive to create highly efficient & forward thinking teams that will build something repeatable, scalable and impressive enough to raise money.